Remote Data Backup

Our Data Files are always at Risk

We can loose Data via a Lightning Strike, Power Surge, Load Shedding, Water Damage, Hard Drive Failure and the most Important living in South Africa is Theft.

Some People do make Backups but not that Frequently – Most of the Time those Backups don’t restore.

The Question you need to ask yourself is, what would you do if you lost all of your Data.

For a small fee every month we can now backup all of your important Documents, Accounting Data, Images and Email.

Our Backup Solution provides you with a similar solution to a Fire Safe, but with the added benefit of your important files and documents being stored safely away from your home or business, on a secure remote server.


• Affordable Backup Solution for Home and Bussiness
• Stores all your important data securely
• Easily backup your Outlook, Outlook Express, IncrediMail and Thunderbird emails
• Backs Up all Images, Accounts Data, Databases and Documents
• Add a single file or entire directories for backup
• Easy restoration of files to any location
• Scheduled backups and instant backup of your files
• Daily and Weekly Backups
• Various subscription rates and storage
• From as Little as R500 per month